July Field Update 2: Caribou Program Two Lakes Crew

From the Caribou Program’s field crew in Two Lakes, here’s a field update for July 2015.

Dear readers:

This shift was a confusing mix of emotions. Not ours but the weather’s. The first day of our shift we bought 2 inflatable tubes hoping to be able to use them to enjoy the beautiful lake at Two Lakes. It turns our that Two Lakes had different ideas as it would pour with rain during the day and then stop when we went to bed. Right as the alarm went off in the morning it would start to rain again. So tubes and swimming were a no-go.

On the bright side this shift we saw some amazing wildlife including a wolf, grizzly bear and her cubs, lots of black bears, moose, young snowshoe hares, four sandhill cranes, and a bald eagle. This best sighting was of 2 swans with their 5 chicks – as we drove by the female tried to protect her babies by hissing and running at the truck!

We are also big fans of instant coffee now. It made the rainy mornings ten-fold better!

Over and out!

Aimee, Kaitlyn, Amanda and Jennifer