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Analysis and restoration of seismic cutlines in Southern Mountain and Boreal caribou range in west-central Alberta

Starting in 2013, this project is looking at how caribou and wolf behaviour is related to cutlines.

Using new LiDAR-derived maps of caribou habitat, we will determine how caribou and their predators respond to seismic cutlines. Results from this research may be used to guide well-directed, science-based restoration of caribou habitat.

  • Spring 2014

    Lidar based terrain metrics

    Progress update: Complete

  • Spring 2014


    Progress update: Summer and winter fieldwork in ALP and LSM complete

  • Spring 2014

    Fieldwork - new

    Progress update: Crews are now collecting data in the Narraway & Redrock Prairie Creek ranges

  • Spring 2014

    Analysis of human use data

    Progress update: Analysis on year one data complete

  • Spring 2014

    Analysis of animal data

    Progress update: Preliminary data analysis complete; additional analysis underway

  • Spring 2014

    Map of priority areas for restoration

    Progress update: Preliminary map produced

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

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