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Can forestry and silviculture practices help increase caribou functional habitat in west-central Alberta?

This project will evaluate and mitigate industrial impacts on west-central Alberta Caribou herds.

The decline of southern mountain and boreal caribou populations is thought to be a result of habitat degradation and fragmentation from industrial activities. Effective restoration and management tactics within caribou ranges rely on informed decisions to minimize the future negative impact of industrial activities on caribou while maximizing the benefits of current restoration efforts.

Our objective is to evaluate and mitigate the potential impacts of industrial activities on high-quality habitat and landscape connectivity for caribou now and into the future.

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  • April 1 2016

    Project Begins

    Progress update: Project begins with analysis of GIS data to identify high quality habitat

  • Summer 2016

    Field Season Underway

    Progress update: From June to September, field crews are collecting data in west-central Alberta

  • Spring 2017

    Progress Report Completed

    Progress update: Preliminary results delivered to partners.

  • Summer 2017

    Field Season Underway

    Progress update: Lichen surveys completed

  • Winter 2017

    Data Analysis Underway

    Progress update: Field data analyzed, papers and report in production

  • Winter 2018

    Project Complete

    Progress update: Peer-reviewed paper accepted and final report submitted to partners.

Thumbnail from a graphical abstract on a lichen trial.

Infographic: Caribou Winter Forage after Canopy Thinning

Graphical abstract from a recent paper from the Caribou Program.

A Day in the Field: Lichen Surveys with the Caribou Program

Pictures of the field crew conducting lichen surveys to identify high quality caribou habitat in west-central Alberta.

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

Julie Duval

Program Lead

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