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Caribou and Grizzly Bear Response to Pine Forests Killed by Mountain Pine Beetle

In west-central Alberta, pine forests comprise much of caribou and grizzly bear habitat. This project will determine the response of these threatened species to MPB-related disturbance of these areas.

We will evaluate how MPB infestations change habitat value of lodgepole pine forests in caribou and grizzly bear habitat. Based on the models we develop, we will make a GIS tool to allow managers to predict changes to user-defined MPB scenarios.

A related project previously examined the impact of MPB attack and management actions on caribou and grizzly bear food supply: Potential Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle and Management Actions on Grizzly Bear and Caribou Populations in West-Central Alberta

  • Fall 2018

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The team starts collecting data and creating GIS layers

  • Winter 2018

    Model Building Underway

    Progress update: The team is extracting data layers and building models

  • Spring 2019

    Caribou Models Complete

    Progress update: Vegetation and caribou location data combined to determine impact of MPB

  • June 2019

    Analysis Complete

    Progress update: Report for partners drafted

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

Terry Larsen

Research Staff

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