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The Co-existence of a Threatened Population of Grizzly Bears with Quarry Mining in Alberta, Canada

This project will work with local high school students and quarry workers to determine grizzly bear use of the quarry site.

Historic collar data from the Grizzly Bear Program has shown grizzly bears frequenting the quarry lands and the adjacent properties, including adjacent coal mines and the neighboring community of Cadomin.

Our project will involve quarry employees and local high school students in noninvasive genetic sampling to identify individual grizzly bears using the quarry property. By combining genetic samples, retrieved from grizzly bear hair and scat, with existing data from the Grizzly Bear Program's historical collaring and tracking efforts within the area, we will assess grizzly bear habitat use, movement, and survival on the quarry site.

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  • January 2018

    Project Begins

    Progress update: Planning and preparations underway.

  • March 2018

    Field Crew Hired

    Progress update: High school students Morgan, Bryce, Adam and Hunter join the GBP team.

  • April 7 2018

    Fieldwork Begins

    Progress update: 2 hair snag sites set up at the Cadomin Limestone Quarry

  • June 2018

    Field Work Complete

    Progress update: Final day sampling; hair snag sites removed

  • Summer 2018

    Lab Analysis Underway

    Progress update: DNA extraction and analysis of hair and scat samples expedited

  • September 2018

    Sample Analysis Complete

    Progress update: DNA results returned from lab; final report being written

  • October 2018

    Project Complete

    Progress update: Final report submitted; Quarry Life Award adjudication underway

  • November 2018

    Reginal Adjudication Complete

    Progress update: Our team is awarded first place in North America for the Quarry Life Award

Infographic: Co-existence of Grizzly Bears and Quarry Mining

Infographic by Kate Broadley explaining a Grizzly Bear Program project.

Isobel Phoebus

Research Staff

Anja Sorensen

Research Staff

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

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