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Combining Field and LiDAR Modeling Tools to Move Beyond Indicator Based Approaches for Surface Erosion: Simonette as a Test Area for the Foothills Natural Region

This project on riparian mapping aims to improve management and operational efficiency by capitalizing on the high quality remote sensing data available in Alberta.

Watershed management for erosion, sedimentation, and riparian mapping is very labour intensive and expensive. Happily, Alberta has invested in LiDAR coverage for most of the green area, which has the potential to make watershed management more efficient. This project capitalizes on Alberta’s LiDAR data to tests tools developed elsewhere.

Specifically, this project will determine if the NetMap GIS tools are appropriate for modelling and tracking the erosion rates for the Simonette, and determine the applicability of the Geomorphic Road Analysis and Inventory Package (GRAIP) in the same area.

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