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Data Management

The GIS Program provides the necessary supports and best practices for data management at fRI Research. This includes the coordination and standardization of data, applications and products.

Related Programs:

  • 2001

    Grizzly Bear Master Database

    Progress update: Holds all field data, minimizes duplication, increases QC, efficient queries.

  • 2001

    Lodgepole Pine Regeneration Project

    Progress update: Created for FGYA; designed for contractors with built-in quality checking

  • 2004

    Fish and Aquatics Database

    Progress update: Linked to ArcHydro to report by stream segment; had VBA scripts for export

  • 2011

    Grizzly Bear Master Database v2

    Progress update: More flexibility and power; now has GPS locations, health data, and DNA

  • 2012

    Merged Microsite Database

    Progress update: Extensively documented, the merge allows data mining across years

  • 2017

    fRI Research Workplan Database

    Progress update: SQL Express database houses workplan data and delivers via Access

  • 2018

    Amalgamation of 10+ Years of Grizzly Bear Deliverables

    Progress update: All data/GBPtool versions rationalized to allow researchers to use optimal tool

Dan Wismer

Core Staff

Julie Duval

Program Lead

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