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Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle Attack on hydrology and post-attack vegetation and hydrology recovery in lodgepole pine forests in Alberta

This project will describe how mountain pine beetle attack drives changes in hydrology and vegetation.

The project will provide necessary data for moutnain pine beetle decision support tools. This is phase one of the project, examining the effects during the red attack stage, immediately after MPB attack.

  • April 1 2008

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The project kicks off, lead by Uldis Silins

  • September 13 2012

    Final Report Completed

    Progress update: Final Report 2012 submitted; main body of research complete

  • November 19 2012

    Project Completed

    Progress update: The research project is completed

Presentations from the October 26, 2017 Mountain Pine Beetle Workshop

Video of four of the presentations from the 2017 MPB Breaking News Workshop, "Impacts of Beetles on Hydrology & Forest Management".

Effects of simulated MPB early red attack

Presentation on effects of mountain pine beetle attack on hydrologic regime of stands, resistance of vegetation, fuels, below-ground dynamics to MPB

Hydrology, post-attack, below-ground dynamics and MPB

Presentation on studies using simulated mountain pine beetle attacks to examine post-attack hydrologic response, vegetation and below-ground response.

Keith McClain

Program Lead

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