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Research and applied tools to enhance forest management linkages to Grizzly Bear conservation and recovery in Alberta

This project will use new and existing data sets to produce tools for use in forest management planning related to grizzly bear and caribou habitat use.

This project builds on the knowledge and data sets the Grizzly Bear Program gathered in this area over the past 12 years. This project is intended to gather additional datasets to address forest management planning issues, and to utilize existing data and expertise for the development of new and important tools for forest management planning in Alberta that will aid in grizzly bear and caribou management and recovery of these species at risk.

Grizzly bears are considered to be a threatened species in Alberta and recovery efforts are now underway. A significant proportion of grizzly bear range in Alberta occurs within the boreal forest and this is also an area that has ongoing forest management activities. The new tools we develop from this work will be made available to all program partners for operational application.

No current milestones for this project

Bears and forestry... what we know

Poster describing the work of the Grizzly Bear Program for bear conservation using maps and models incorporating layers of data.

Grizzly bears and forestry I: Clearcut selection

Article published in Forest Ecology and Management on selection of clearcuts by grizzly bears in west-central Alberta. Citation only.

Grizzly bears and forestry II: foods in clearcuts

Article published in Forest Ecology and Management on distribution of grizzly bear foods in clearcuts of west-central Alberta. Citation only.

Terry Larsen

Research Staff

Karen Graham

Research Staff

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

Julie Duval

Program Lead

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