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Tria-Net: Dynamics of Endemic MPB Populations in Novel Pine Habitats

Will the beetle continue its expansion when it reaches hybrid jack pine forests?

Within its historic range, the dynamics of mountian pine beetle (MPB) populations are well understood, but questions persist as to how they will behave in novel pine habitats.

This project will determine if MPB will become endemic in novel habitats. This research is critical to developing operational strategies to manage MPB in novel pine habitats.

  • January 20 2014

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The project kicks off, led by Allan Carroll

  • November 12 2014

    Completed 2014 Field Work

    Progress update: Stands surveyed, bolts collected and analysis is underway

  • January 19 2015

    More Surveys Complete

    Progress update: Surveys of four 10-hectare stands completed, analysis underway

  • April 22 2015

    Presentation at Information Forum

    Progress update: Grad student Stanly Pokorny presents this project at the 2015 Forum

  • September 2015

    2015 Field Season Update

    Progress update: More surveys completed, samples transported to the lab and experiments initiated

Annotated Bibliography for the TRIA Network

Summaries of over 100 publications on mountain pine beetle spanning entomology, genomics, and landscape ecology.

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