Annotated Bibliography for the TRIA Network

mountain with green and red attack pine trees in foreground photo credit: catherine cullingham

In 2013, the Natural Science and Engineering Council (NSERC), Strategic Network Grants program, funded the TRIA-Net to facilitate research aimed at protecting Canadian forests through science-based strategies to control spread of the MPB.

Together, this work has brought together multiple perspectives and fields of study to provide new insights into the MPB outbreak. The range of expertise and research ranges from entomology to functional genomics, to landscape ecology.

As a result, an exceptionally large body of new knowledge has been developed that is improving our understanding of the MPB system with over 100 publications from the TRIA-Net and earlier TRIA Project.

To bring this work together, this annotated bibliography was created to provide concise summaries of a large sample of this research. The summaries have been compiled in this accessible format to promote knowledge transfer between project partners. Seventy-eight of these research publications, ranging from the years 2009-2019, were selected for the annotated bibliography with a priority placed on the most recent research. The document is intended to be a ‘living document’, in that future reports and research can be added to this annotated bibliography. Each summary provides a 0.5-1 page overview of the publication highlighting the key findings, methods, and implications. The summaries are ordered by publication year, starting with the most recent publications.

To access the publications that were not included in this annotated bibliography, a complete list is available through the NSERC TRIA-Net website