BMA 4 and 7 Grizzly Bear Population Study Summary Materials

Grizzly bears have been listed as a threatened species in Alberta since 2010. As part of provincial recovery efforts, it is important to understand how many bears there are and where they live.

In 2018, the Grizzly Bear Program partnered with Alberta Environment and Parks, and several forestry companies to do two population inventories: a re-survey of BMA 4, and the first ever grizzly bear count in BMA 7, the last management unit in the province to be surveyed.

This fact sheet gives a summary of the results, a map, and an FAQ about the project.

The full results from the Clearwater (BMA 4) and Swan Hills (BMA 7) are also available.

You can also find a summary of our 2014 study of Yellowhead (BMA 3)