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Swan Hills (BMA 7) Grizzly Bear Population Inventory

This DNA mark-recapture study uses hair snags to conduct the first ever estimate of the population of grizzly bears in BMA 7.

Swan Hills Bear Management Area (BMA) 7 is the only provincial BMA that has not been surveyed using DNA mark-recapture. BMA 7 is located east of the Grande Cache (BMA 2) population.

Similar to our 2014 inventory of BMA 3, we will use hair snag sites to non-invasively collect DNA samples throughout the BMA.

The main objective of this project is to obtain an estimate of grizzly bear population size, and to assess their spatial distribution relative to core and secondary areas based on prior RSF modelling. 

  • January 2018

    Project Begins

    Progress update:Planning and preparation underway

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

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