Mountain Pine Beetle 2011 Information Session – RECAP

The Foothills Research Institute’s Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program held an information session on April 28, 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta. In total there were 50 people in attendance from government, industry and academia. Eight speakers gave updates on the progress of several MPB related research projects. In follow up to the session the MPBEP Activity Team will be meeting to discuss future direction for MPB research in Alberta.


  1. Overview of MPB Ecology Program PDF icon2011 MPBEP Overview presentation
  2. Vic Lieffers: Comparison of Understory Burning and Mechanical Site Preparation to Regenerate Lodgepole Pine Stands Killed by MPB PDF iconLieffers 2011 MPBEP presentation
  3. Uldis Silins: Effects of Simulated MPB on Hydrologyand Post-attack Vegetation and Below-ground Dynamics PDF iconSilins 2011 MPBEP Presentation
  4. Willi Fast: MPB Decision Support Tool (DST) Prototype Development PDF iconFast 2011 MPBEP Presentation
  5. Evan Esch: MPB Phenology and Success in Whitebark Pine in Alberta PDF iconEsch 2011 MPBEP Presentation
  6. Eric Higgs: Using Oblique Historical Photos to Determine past MPB Susceptibility PDF iconHiggs 2011 MPBEP Presentation.pdf
  7. Crisia Tabacru: Playing with Fire: MPB in a Post-burn Environment PDF iconTabacaru 2011 MPBEP Presentation