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The mountain pine beetle in novel pine forests: Predicting impacts in a warming environment

What will mountain pine beetle do in naive pine stands?

Mountain pine beetle (MPB) has significantly expanded its range in western Canada since 1970 as a result of a warming environment.

This project will model the role of climate in future MPB outbreaks. Understanding how climate will contribute to mountain pine beetle spread is critical to managing risks.

  • April 1 2011

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The project kicks off, led by Allan Carroll

  • September 18 2012

    Model Created

    Progress update: BC model modified for the foothills region

  • March 31 2013

    Project Completed

    Progress update: The project finishes on time

MPB Ecology Program QuickNote #6: Determining the Threat of Mountain Pine Beetle Range Expansion: The Impact of Phenology and Survival and the Potential for Spread

Note on study of effects of local and regional temperatures on mountain pine beetle development, survival and reproductive success.

  • Jun. 1, 2011
  • map

Spring 2011 MPB Population Forecast Survey

Map of Alberta indicating relative status of the beetle population in each area.


Recap of 2011 Mountain Pine Beetle Info Session

Presentations from the 2011 Mountain Pine Beetle program's information session.

Keith McClain

Program Lead

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