Photos of Fall Fieldwork

Two field techs smiling and walking down an old seismic line in fall

This year, October arrived with summer far in the rear view mirror. Fall has already splashed yellow across the hills, and the snowline creeps further down the mountains every time it rains. The crews are still out, re-visiting sites they set up back when the bushes were budding. This shift is a blitz of the sites within a few hours drive of Hinton for the ungulate density project, gathering the summer data and making sure everything is ready for the winter.

By this point in the season, the crews fly through their protocol smoothly and confidently.
After viewing the trailcam footage from the summer, Alora and Solène decide to tweak the position of the “snow stakes”.
Starting the new memory card off with a photo of the site ID, as Alora is doing here, will help make data entry faster and more accurate.
Courtney and Sam double checking the site layout.