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Introductory QuickNotes for the Federal-Provincial MPB Partnership

The Government of Canada and Government of Alberta have funded a suit of new projects to address the ongoing mountain pine beetle threat to Alberta's forests.

We called for proposals in March 2021 and selected 15 research projects that answer 5 key themes. These projects are now underway and their principal investigators have provided the following short introductions.

1. MPB Biology

Assessment of eastern spread risk of Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) through studies on beetle dispersal and host colonization

Dr. Maya L. Evenden, Dr. Antonia Musso, Leanne Petro

The physiological costs and consequences of overwintering in Mountain Pine Beetle

Dr. Heath MacMillan, Dr. Catherine Cullingham, Dr. Maya Evenden, Dr. Mads Anderson

MPB Disersal & Spread

Modeling Eastern Spread Risk of Mountain Pine Beetle Using Host Genetic Ancestry

Dr. Catherine Cullingham, Dr. Rhiannon Peery, Jessica Duffy

Dynamic species distribution modelling to predict mountain pine beetle
boreal invasion

Dr. Allan L. Carroll, Dr. Vivek Srivastava

Improving monitoring tools to detect mountain pine beetle at low densities in novel habitats: incorporating host-tree stress and fungal volatiles in beetle attraction

Dr. Nadir Erbilgin

Efficient monitoring of mountain pine beetle outbreak spots using artificial intelligence applied to drone thermal imagery

Dr. Nadir Erbilgin, Dr. Nilanjan Ray, Dr. Gregory McDermind

Toward pre-emptive management of future outbreaks: predicting the distribution of post-epidemic mountain pine beetle populations in the western boreal forest

Dr. Allan L. Carroll, Dr. Michael Howe, and Dr. Stanley Pokorny

4. Ecological and Social Impacts

Development of fine spatial resolution tree species in-
formation for MPB-impacted ecosystems for Species-at-Risk habitat

Dr. Nicholas Coops, Dr. Laura Finnegan, Cameron McLelland, Chris Bater

Using innovative techniques to understand how mountain pine beetle is shifting ecosystem composition and configuration in Jasper National Park

Dr. Eric Higgs, James Tricker, Dr. Jeanine Rhemtulla

Soil carbon stocks in forests recovering from mountain pine beetle outbreak: a possible C sink?

Dr. Justine Karst, Dr. Oleksandra (Sasha) Hararuk

Whitebark Pine Gene Conservation for the Northern Range in Alberta

Jodie Krakowski

5. Wildfire behaviour after MPB

Spatio-temporal variability in post-mountain pine
beetle outbreak fuels in Jasper National Park using terrestrial laser
scanning and bi-temporal, multi-spectral airborne LiDAR

Dr. Laura Chasmer, Dr. Chris Hopkinson, Dr. Patrick James, Dr. Zhouxin Xi

Generation of Tree level Fire Fuel Information across
MPB Infestation Mosaics

Dr. Nicholas Coops, Chris Bater

How do the spatial legacies of mountain pine beetle outbreaks affect fire severity in Canadian lodgepole pine forests?

Dr. Patrick M A James, Dr. Marc-André Parisien, Dr. Chris Stockdale

Assessment of Risk Factors Influencing Landscape Level Fire in MPB Forests

Dr. Christopher Bone, Dr. Khurram, and Steve Taylor



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