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Introducing the Science Advisory Committee!

At fRI Research, we are proud of our exceptional science. To maintain that high standard, we have recruited four scientific experts to form the Science Advisory Committee (SAC).

The SAC will give guidance to the Board of Directors on the rigor and relevance of the science done by fRI Research programs. Members of the committee are eminently qualified professionals and academics. This makes them well placed to give feedback on how programs conduct their research efforts.

All committee members are well acquainted with current research trends and the knowledge needs of government, industry and academic stakeholders. Sharing their perspectives with programs will help ensure that our efforts stay focused on answering important, practical questions.

The SAC will also advise on what kinds of outputs are most suitable for land management practitioners and the scientific community. fRI Research is well known for creating high impact knowledge transfer products, from papers and reports to cutting edge models and decision making tools. Programs will benefit from the SAC’s experience when choosing the right tool for each stakeholder.

As this is a new committee at fRI Research, their first order of business, on behalf of the board, will be to figure out the process for reviewing a program and to develop a publishing policy. The SAC will also be providing strategic direction in time for next year’s work plans.

You can find out more about the SAC and its four members by clicking on Science Advisory Committee under the About menu at the top of every page, or by clicking here.

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