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Dedicated Healthy Landscapes Communications and Education Initiative

The C&E activities carried out by the Healthy Landscapes Program to share its research.

In 2011, a program review discovered that what stakeholders and partners were not up to date on the science done by the Healthy Landscapes Program. This realisation prompted the program to actively share its leading research through communication and education activities.

Along with hosting workshops, presenting to stakeholders, and producing reports, briefing notes, and papers, was launched in June 2016, distilling 20 years of research into an interactive website.

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Understanding EBM Through Dialogue

Final report on the 2018 EBM dialogue sessions from the Healthy Landscapes Program

Ceating a Roadmap for EBM in Alberta and Beyond

Summary report about the 2018 EBM workshops from the Healthy Landscapes Program

Discussions during the workshop.

Photo Gallery | 2018 EBM Workshop

Pictures of the workshop "From Concept to Reality: Creating a Roadmap for Ecosystem-Based Management in Alberta" in Edmonton in June 2018, hosted by the Healthy Landscapes Program.

David Andison

Program Lead

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