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Restoration of Seismic Cutlines in Caribou Range in West-Central and North-Western Alberta: maximising success and targeting areas used by alternate prey

A single year Habitat Stewardship Program Species at Risk project with the Caribou Program.

Caribou are declining across the boreal forest and the primary threat to population persistence is habitat disturbance. Restoration of disturbed habitat within caribou ranges is both a federal and provincial priority.

This single year Habitat Stewardship Program Species at Risk Stream project will improve threatened boreal caribou and endangered southern mountain caribou habitat by increasing undisturbed habitat within caribou ranges in west-central and north-western Alberta.

It is supported by Environment and Climate Change Canada, AUPRF/PTAC and FLMF.

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No current milestones for this project

Karine Pigeon

Research Staff

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

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