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Response of threatened species to linear features and landscape change in a managed forest ecosystem in West Central Alberta

How are caribou affected by the roads and seismic lines criss-crossing their habitat?

This project helps us understand how human use of caribou habitat affects caribou use and movements across their range.

The results will guide science-based restoration of caribou habitat and determine how caribou annual range shifts in response to a dynamic forest landscape.

Related Programs:

  • Will be completed by Jan 2014

    LiDAR based terrain metrics for Redrock Prairie Creek and Narraway Ranges

  • ongoing

    Annual landscape change condition sets to match both grizzly bear and caribou GPS location data

  • Starting January 2014

    Fecal pellet collection

  • Ongoing

    Analysis of animal movement data

  • Starting 2015

    Modelling of animal use and forest harvesting

  • Will be completed by April 2014

    Map of priority areas for habitat restoration

  • March 2014

    Annual landscape change condition maps - Completed

    Progress update: Annual landscape change condition maps - Completed

Calves and Calve Nots: Predicting Caribou Reproduction from Movement Rates

Ben Williamson In the foothills of west-central Alberta, the last of the snow does not melt until May. It is then that the dwindling herds of caribou begin their spring migration up into the Rocky Mountains. They leave behind a landscape rich in nutritious lichen and other delicacies but also—they hope—their predators. The timing is no accident. After a long, harsh winter in the Canadian boreal forest, the herd embarks on the climb up to their mountain refuge. Safer from wolves and far from human activity, the females give birth.

Video: Setting Up Trail Cameras with the Caribou Program

Caribou Program fieldwork doesn't have an off season. The field crew have been busily snowshoeing up and down seismic lines in caribou habitat, setting up trail cameras. In this short video, Doug shows how they are collecting data and explains some of the Caribou Program projects.

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

Julie Duval

Program Lead

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