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LandWeb Simulation Modelling

A research project and tool that uses spatial simulation modelling to generate the historical range of landscape conditions across western boreal Canada.

This is by far the most ambitous Healthy Landscapes project. The objective of LandWeb is to define historical NRV conditions at landscape scales across 140 million ha of the western boreal from spatially explicit simulation modelling.

The output will provide NRV for landscape scale metrics such as seral-stage levels and old forest patch sizes.

No current milestones for this project

Long-term trends in tree mortality rates in foothills

Abstract from peer-reviewed paper in Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Assessment of year-of-death estimates, ABSTRACT

Abstract of paper from Tree Ring Research, related to Healthy Landscapes Program.

Healthy Landscapes Program QuickNote #40: Do Large Landscapes Have Stable Old Forest Levels Over Time?

Note on relationship between landscape area and standard deviation of old forest area, and the implications of this relationship for forest management

David Andison

Program Lead

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